Meet Our Teachers

Ginger Brown has been teaching at Roy Johnson for 7 years, and has had 14 years total in Special Education. Ginger loves the great people that make the Roy Johnson program a success: the students, the support staff, and the administration. Ginger focuses on real world skills with her students, functional academics, and practical skills. Ginger thrives on helping our students learn skills like navigating public transportation systems, planning day trips around the area, submitting college assignments, and making delicious, nutritious meals sure to please everyone.
Ginger enjoys camping, travelling, and just about any activity that has to do with water. Ginger loves all things vintage and enjoys re-purposing and DIY projects. 
Maureen Kennedy has been teaching at Roy Johnson for several years, and here's what she has to say: 
Imagine waking every day and being excited to go to work!

As a teacher for many years, I enjoy the challenge that each adult in my class presents me. I have the patience,
energy, and knowledge for assisting and guiding my adult students so that they can reach their potential in their adult lilfe. 
I have had many opportunities in the field of education, which seemed to always guide my path to working with the Adult Transition Program at Redwood. Our Roy Johnson program is the absolute best place ever to work. My students, the staff, the principal, and the site make the Redwood Campus right where I wish to be.
Sejla joined our Roy Johnson staff in the 2019-2020 school year, and has fit right in to our community. Sejla really likes our smaller community because it allows more opportunity to work with students individually. Sejla loves to get to know our students, and learns our students' goals so that she can support them in the best way possible. She takes our students to work and to their community college classes, and has enjoyed seeing them grow and succeed in these roles. 
Sejla's hobbies include exercising, baking, writing, and doing yoga. She also loves shopping and getting manicures. 
Manny has been a Paraprofessional for eleven years, and this is his first year at Roy Johnson. Manny loves our beautiful campus on top of the hill, overlooking the Bay and surrounding hills. He feels that this calm and relaxing environment inspires learning and teaching, and really contributes to student growth and development. 
When Manny's not at work, he enjoys camping, fishing, and watching sports. 
Jordan has been a Paraprofessional for fifteen years, and has spent the last 4 years at Roy Johnson. Jordan aims to help students with job and life skills, and encourages students to succeed by maintaining a positive and constructive environment. He loves any outdoor activity with the students, but really enjoys the awesome Special Olympic events. 
Outside of Roy Johnson, Jordan will be gardening, strumming his guitar, playing with his dogs, making fine art, and learning. 
Spencer started with Roy Johnson in November 2018, and loves the relaxed atmosphere for our students. He works hard to promote independence by providing positive reinforcement when our students achieve a goal or complete a task. Spencer's favorite outing with the students is going bowling, because everyone has a great time. 
After work, Spencer can be found playing a variety of musical instruments and relaxing to music. 
Michelle has been a Paraprofessional for five years, and really loves the students and the staff. Michelle supports our students by working with each individual student to determine their strengths. Her favorite activities with students include taking students to their community college classes, taking them to their jobs, and also going on beautiful hikes on the trails nearby. 
When Michelle isn't at school, you can find her spending time with her daughter and building or fixing cars. 
Paul has great admiration for all programs that help the special needs community, and feels that Roy Johnson does a great job at this. This is Paul's first year as a Paraprofessional, and he's never been happier. Working with Roy Johnson students and staff makes every day great!
Paul believes in patience and having an understanding of the capabilities that each student has, and is a key player in making the positive environment here at Roy Johnson.