Distance Learning

Distance learning: Students will continue to receive instruction "remotely" or through distance learning. A packet or bag was dropped off to your home when we learned of the shelter in place happening tomorrow. This is about 1 weeks worth of school work. Another set of assignments will be sent out next week, but you may need to print them yourself if we are not allowed to leave/go to school to make copies. Maybe buy some ink on amazon if they are still delivering!
IEP goals: Teachers will be working on a document to determine how we can continue working on IEP goals during this time. Each student will get an individual plan. Teachers will be working on this in the coming days and finding materials to support the IEP goals. Stay tuned for the IEP plan.
Instructions for using Distance Learning materials: I put up a few videos for students and families describing what to do with the different assignments. Go to Youtube and search:
"Roy Johnson teachers Maureen and Ginger" and the channel should pop up.
 I've put directions for menu math and job skills up to advise how to split up the assignments into different days and extend a worksheet activity like we do at school. You can help at home by going over materials with students and discussing the different texts, stories and news articles. In school,  we read and then use our knowledge of the world to relate the texts to our world, expand and share ideas. 
I will attach a sample schedule that might be helpful to use with students-especially to portion out the work for the week. The goal is much more than sitting down and doing all the worksheets for the week in one setting . It is very important to keep a schedule with breaks and alternate the subject matter. 
Chabot Homework: I intend to make tutorial videos to get us through the excel projects due for Chabot students. My priority will be the IEP docs first, but Chabot students also need to keep up with their classwork. I think this can be done through videos. We will give it a try.
Daily Journal: Lets keep our daily reflection time going by writing in our Daily Journals. I have updated the questions a bit to reflect our current situation. 
We can also add a #5. "Who do you appreciate today? ". I think this will keep a connection to the school routine through this distance learning period and remind students that this is the same thing we would be doing if we were physically in class together.
Attachments: All assignments are printed in your work packet. I attached some as PDF for reference but n2y, counting money  and recipe are printed only.  A Schedule could be very helpful for some students- change it as you like but please build in breaks and a variety of activities . They know how to set a timer on their phones or buy one from Dollar Tree when you are out (kitchen tool section).