About Us

The Roy Johnson Adult Transition Program is a program designed to provide ongoing educational support for students ages 18 to 22 with moderate to severe disabilities.  Our students have completed a Certificate of Completion from high school and will gain educational benefit from continued focus on functional academics; vocational, independent living, communication, and transitional skills; and personal finance.  The Adult Transition Program provides a continuum of services with the goal of maximizing student independence for adult, post-secondary life.   

The Adult Transition Program is designed within a community-based format. Students participating in this program spend time in the local community to support and learn skills and concepts that are being taught in the classroom.   Students will learn banking, budgeting, shopping, travel and public transportation, work experience, long term planning, health and nutrition, self-management, fitness, leisure, and social skills. The Roy Johnson Adult Transition Program shares a campus with Castro Valley Unified School District’s alternative education campus.